About Students with Vision Impairments in Victorian Schools

In broad terms, there are approximately 1 million students enrolled in Victorian government, Catholic or independent schools.

Of these, 540 Victorian students have vision impairments – that is 540 students are blind or have low vision.

Students with vision impairments account for a tiny 0.05% of the Victorian school population; less than 0.01% are totally blind. As such, vision impairment is a very low incidence disability, particularly when compared with the number of students with learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder or hearing impairment.

Recently, one of our Support Skills mums said tiredly, “Everywhere I go I am teaching someone about my child and about vision impairment … except at the Statewide Vision Resource Centre.”

And given the statistics, that is not surprising!

Support and services are available to eligible Victorian students through the Statewide Vision Resource Centre.

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