About Visiting Teachers (Vision Impairment)

Support to eligible Victorian students and their schools is available from the Statewide Vision Resource Centre (SVRC) and Visiting Teachers (VTs).

The role of the VT includes direct teaching of the Expanded Core Curriculum (specialised curriculum for students with vision impairments), consultancy and professional development to the school, and referral to appropriate community agencies. The VT can also coordinate the provision of materials in alternative formats through the SVRC and local production in the school.

  • DET: VTs work within the Department’s regional structure; schools make application to their region to initiate VT support for eligible students.
  • Catholic: The CEO has a team of VTs in the Melbourne metropolitan area. Application for support is made by the principal.
  • Independent: Support for students with vision impairments in independent schools may be available through the Association of Independent Schools.

VT support may include:

  • Assessment e.g. evaluating the most appropriate learning media for the student i.e. braille, large print, audio, or electronic access to the curriculum or a combination of these
  • Direct teaching e.g. ongoing instruction in relevant areas of the Expanded
    Core Curriculum
    such as braille
  • Program planning e.g. assisting the school to develop individual programs for students such as a program to teach touch typing
  • Technology and equipment e.g. providing information about technology and training for staff and students to improve student access to the curriculum
  • Disability awareness e.g. providing information about the student’s vision impairment and the educational implications to teachers, class members and the wider school community
  • Consultancy e.g. participating in meetings such as PSGs and VCE Special Provision
  • Materials in alternative format e.g. arranging production of learning materials (through SVRC or locally in the school) in consultation with class and subject teachers

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