Careers in Vision Impairment

Are you interested in supporting school-aged students with vision impairments? There are approximately 540 students with vision impairments – low vision and blind – enrolled in Victorian schools. Supporting the education of students with vision impairments is an interesting and rewarding career! There are a number of career options available:

Are you a future Visiting Teacher?

We are always looking for qualified and experienced teachers who are interested in a career change and who:

  • have an attitude of empowerment towards students with disabilities
  • enjoy working independently as well as part of a team
  • are interested in technology
  • are curious about braille
  • have great interpersonal communication skills
  • are creative, adaptable and resourceful

Professional Learning Opportunities

RIDBC Renwick Centre

Flinders University

Statewide Vision Resource Centre

Hadley School (USA) for Professional Studies

Contact us for further information.