Eligibility & EVAC

The Educational Vision Assessment Clinic (EVAC)

Students with vision impairments may be eligible to receive a range of additional educational supports throughout their schooling in Victoria.

Eligibility for additional support is established at the Educational Vision Assessment Clinic (EVAC), run jointly by the Education Department and the Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital.

EVAC is staffed by a team of specialists including a Paediatric Ophthalmologist, Orthoptist, Education Officers (specialist educators in vision impairment) and an Educational Psychologist.

The purpose of EVAC is to identify students who have a significant vision loss requiring adjustments to the delivery of educational curriculum, additional teaching support and/or the provision of learning materials in an accessible format, so they can access and participate in education on the same basis as their sighted peers.

Students attending state, Catholic and independent schools may be referred to EVAC.

There is no cost to either the family or the school for this assessment.


A student is eligible for additional support due to vision impairment if she/he has sufficiently low vision to be regarded as:

  • partially sighted – distance vision with glasses, if needed, worse than 6/18 and/or visual field reduction to less than 20 degrees or
  • legally blind – distance vision with glasses, if needed, worse than 6/60 and/or visual field reduction to less than 10 degrees

Once a child has been found eligible for additional support, an Education Officer from EVAC will visit the student at school and conduct a functional vision assessment. A comprehensive report provides information about the student’s functional vision in the school environment.

The student may also be eligible for other support or services. In Department schools, this includes:

  • support from the Statewide Vision Resource Centre (SVRC) such as professional development and support for schools and families, provision of learning materials in alternative format, access to the technology lending library, specialist educational programs
  • support from a Visiting Teacher
  • Program for Students with Disabilities (for students who are legally blind)
  • Accessible Buildings Program
  • Equipment Grants (for students who are partially sighted)

Referral to EVAC

Referrals can be made by Ophthalmologists, Early Childhood Educators, School Nurses, Principals, parent/carers or Teachers.

Download the EVAC Referral form (docx) here.

Prior to attending EVAC, children should have been seen by their own Ophthalmologist within the past 12 months. Attendance at EVAC does not replace treatment, prescriptions and ongoing management of the child’s vision.

EVAC is conducted on a Wednesday morning at The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital 4th Floor of the Smorgan Family Wing 32 Gisborne Street East Melbourne

For further information please phone our EVAC officers on (03) 9841 0807.