SVRC Staff

The staff of the Statewide Vision Resource Centre includes:


Our SVRC Manager oversees both the strategic development and day to day running of the Statewide Vision Resource Centre.

  • Marion Blaze 

Education Officers 

Our Education Officers have qualifications and experience in the fields of blindness and vision impairment.

  • Annette Godfrey-MaGee
  • Deb Davidson
  • Lee Clarke

Vision Teachers 

We have a team of specialist teachers with vast experience in teaching students who are blind or vision impaired in areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum.

  • Garry Stinchcombe – Support Skills Program Coordinator
  • Lea Nagel – Support Skills Teacher & Professional Learning Coordinator
  • Jordie Howell – Music Teacher – Support Skills Program
  • Charlie Roberts – Physical Education and Maths Teacher
  • Emily White – Physical Education and Technology Teacher
  • Lyn Robinson – Technology Teacher
  • Michael Donnelly – Art Teacher

Educational Psychologist 

Our Educational Psychologist has worked for many years with students in specialist settings and students with vision impairments.

  • Geoff Bowen

Alternate Format Production

Our Alternative Format Production staff have a vast set of skills and knowledge in the production of material in Braille, e-Text, Audio and Large Print for students are are blind or vision impaired.

  • Debra Lewis – Manager
  • Toni Chilton
  • Emma Hall
  • Nola Houghton
  • Zhi Jin
  • Jenny McKenzie
  • Jacky Murphy
  • Sherryl Orchard
  • Lauren Rouse
  • Sue Sharp
  • Leeanne Terry

Communications and Content Development

  • Glen Morrow

IT Technician

  • Michael Kelly

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