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The following strategies and ideas came from a blog by former Victorian student Cassie, who participated in the BLENNZ KickStart program:

Hanging out the clothes

I fold the clothes over the line just a little bit and peg them so that they aren’t blown away. I peg the bottom of t-shirts and jumpers so that they hang upside down. Dresses I usually peg the straps but if there was a dress I particularly wanted to take extra care of, I would hang it on a clothes hanger and peg the hanger to the line. Pants, shorts and skirts I just put a peg at either side of the waistband. Socks I tend to put two together and peg the insides of the socks with the one peg. Given that they’re such small items of clothing I figure they will dry quickly and there’s no point using heaps of pegs if I don’t need to. Underwear I usually put one peg on the back of the waistband and again I usually put two or three pairs together. Bras for all you girls out there I hang them over the line and put a peg in the middle bit between the cups.

Mopping, sweeping and vacuuming

The key to making sure you cover everything is to pick landmarks or reference points in the room that you’re cleaning and use them to guide you. For example, in the bathroom I started off mopping from the wall to the edge of the towel rail, then from the edge of the towel rail to the edge of the basin, etc.

I would start in one corner, pushing the mop backwards and forwards, each time taking a small step to the side and moving the mop with me. That way you can be sure to cover the entire floor. You also have to press down on the mop with a little bit of pressure to make sure that anything on the floor is cleaned off.

Vacuuming the hallway employs the same method as mopping. Pick landmarks or reference points and move slightly to the side each stroke.

Sweeping once again is very similar. Start from the furthest point from you and pull the broom towards you so that you pull all of the dirt and whatnot towards you into a pile. Once again take little steps to the side each time and pull everything towards you. Once you have finished that take a step back and repeat the process so that in the end you have swept the entire floor and brought everything into one pile. Also remember that you will have to sweep along sideways so that rather than having a line of dirt you bring it all into that pile. Then use a dust pan and brush to clean up the dirt and tip it out, either outside or in the rubbish bin or into the bin.

When sweeping steps, turn the broom and sweep across the stair from left to right or vice versa to pull all the dirt to one side. At the end you turn the broom and sweep the dirt down onto the next step. Work your way down the stairs and then at the bottom of the stairs or on the landing use a dust pan and brush again to clean it all up.

Cleaning product

Over the years the staff of Kickstart have tried lots of different cleaning products but they have settled on using Spray and Wipe for just about everything. Unlike a lot of other products it doesn’t leave a film or anything behind after you have cleaned so you don’t have to worry about cleaning that off as well. So sounds like Spray and Wipe is the winner when it comes to cleaning, especially for blindies.

Cleaning the shower

Spray and Wipe the entire outside of the shower including the door and the rest, then again, wet a rag and wipe it all down. The inside is a little different. It is probably easiest to clean the inside of a shower just after you take a shower, with the steam and what not. Again spray every surface including the pipe, soap holder thing and the tap. Then just run the scraper down all the surfaces to scrape all the grime off. Then get a scrubbing brush and Spray and Wipe the bottom of the shower before attacking it with the brush. To finish off just wash down all the surfaces with the shower hose assuming it’s one of those detachable ones you can just spray at all the walls easily.

Cleaning the toilet

Firstly, wear gloves. That is an absolute must. Flush the toilet first just as a precaution. Spray and Wipe the entire outside of the toilet. Then use the toilet brush to scrub the entire outside. Then you lift up the lid of the toilet and Spray and Wipe inside there, including the inside of the lid and the seat. Scrub that with the brush. Then you lift up the seat and once again, spray and wipe the bottom of the seat, the top of the bowl and inside the bowl too. Then scrub all of that being careful not to scrub too vigorously inside the bowl to prevent any … um … splashing. Then shut the lid again. Get an old rag, run it under water and wipe over the entire outside of the toilet, lifting up the lid and then the seat and wiping all of those surfaces as well. There’s no need to wipe inside the bowl.

Ed: I’m not so sure about using the toilet brush for areas outside the toilet bowl – but what would I know? I have a cleaning lady!

Cleaning the sink

Basins are easy. Just Spray and Wipe the entire basin, including outside, inside and the tap, and wipe over it with a rag. And then, just like the toilet, wet a rag and wipe over all those surfaces once again. (REMEMBER NOT TO USE THE SAME RAG FOR THE TOILET AS YOU USE FOR THE BASIN, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!)

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