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Unified English Braille Code (UEB)

UEB was developed with the aim of establishing a single braille code for all English-speaking peoples of the world. UEB has been adopted in Australia (2005), Canada (2010), New Zealand (2005), Nigeria (2005), South Africa (2004), UK (2011) and USA (2012).

General resources for teachers

Foreign languages



Learning braille: for sighted learners

Learning braille: for touch readers

  • Ozzie Dots – developed by staff and volunteers of the Statewide Vision Resource Centre, this is a fun and light-hearted resource to introduce contracted braille and tactual graphicacy to young braille readers
  • I Do Like It – a braille reading program developed by Tricia d’Apice which uses repeated reading of short sentences made up of word signs to allow the student to gain confidence and speed in reading braille
  • Mangold braille programs – sequential program to develop tactual skills and letter and word recognition for beginners

Other resources