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One-Handed Braille Production

There are a number of options for producing braille when having the use of one hand only:

  1. A set of extension keys can be obtained for the Perkins Brailler that allows the operator to reach the keys that are required using one hand.
  2. The Mountbatten Braille Writer can be modified for a person with the use of one hand, either for a right-handed user or a left-handed user. Contact Quantum RLV.
  3. The BrailleNote and other braille note-takers can be used in one-handed mode. Entry of braille is fairly slow, but speed develops with practise.
  4. One-handed use of a laptop or tablet can be achieved by using an adapted QWERTY keyboard or other input technique; braille can be read via a connected stand-alone braille display (e.g. Brailliant) or braille notetaker (e.g. BrailleNote), or by printing from the laptop to a braille embosser for hard-copy braille.

A technology assessment is recommended to determine the best task-specific options for the individual.

For more information, please see The Tactual Learner page.