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Braille Stickers

Ideas for Braille Stickers

  • braille encouragement on a scratch and sniff sticker using a slate and
    stylus eg great, super, good work, #1 etc
  • feel ‘n peel stickers – use durable, colourful, multi-use tactile/visual
    stickers for graphs, game boards, microwave buttons, rewarding behaviour,
    labeling folders, identifying belongings, diagrams…
  • cut out different shapes and braille using braille label eg a star,
    smiley face
  • foil refractive stickers – fun for students with some vision
  • make bookmarks with a braille message – eg braille is fun – and give
    to the class as a reward
  • draw with your Perkins broiler to┬ámake a braille heart and other shapes

See also: braille code