Core Curriculum: Improving Access for Students with Vision Impairments

Access to the core curriculum (in Victoria this is Victorian Curriculum Foundation–10 (F–10) and the senior secondary curriculum (11–12) can be a barrier to participation and learning for students with vision impairments.

Often simple adaptions can change the educational experience and make the classroom a more inclusive learning environment for all.

General: Resources Across the Curriculum

The Arts


  • Bolinda – audio titles for children and adults and includes a list of books from the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge
  • Materials in alternative format – sources of audio, braille, etext and large print available from the SVRC for eligible students
  • Sound books – link to VCE English and English Literature titles in audio format
  • Wordweb – a free accessible dictionary program that works well with screen readers and screen enlargement programs and can be saved to your system tray – there is also a version for iPad and iPhone

Health and Physical Education

The Humanities


  • Foreign Language Bookshop, 9-11 Victoria St, Fitzroy VIC 3065. Tel: (03) 8417 9500 – may supply large print or electronic foreign language dictionaries
  • Online foreign language translators – type or paste a word or sentence for a translation




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