Educational Programs for Students with Vision Impairments

The Statewide Vision Resource Centre offers an exciting range of activities which aim to:

  • promote the learning of the essential additional disability-specific skills for students with vision impairments described as the Expanded Core Curriculum
  • provide the opportunity for students to develop peer group networks with other students with vision impairments
  • promote within the students a better understanding of their vision impairment
  • develop, within a supportive environment, social and communication skills that will assist in the students’ management of the varying demands of their educational environments
  • offer additional recreational and educational experiences that may not be available within the school curriculum
  • provide the opportunity for students to try something new, explore leadership roles, rise to challenges AND have fun!

Our educational programs include:

  • Support Skills Program is a specialised educational program for groups of students with vision impairments from Grade 4 to Year 10 and focuses on the Expanded Core Curriculum.
  • Dot Power is offered to braille-reading students from preschool to Grade 3. The program focuses on braille literacy (reading and writing), graphicacy (using the sense of touch to interpret tactual diagrams) and concept development.
  • Skill Power is an annual program of hands-on workshops in technology for people with vision impairments and is open to teachers, aides, Visiting Teachers, family members and sometimes the students themselves.
  • Camps and activities are a great opportunity for students to meet and to try something different, whilst being supported by staff with specialist skills in vision impairment. Over the years, the SVRC has held a range of themed days relating to literacy, technology, the arts and sport/PE including Braille Games Days, Dictionary Detective Day, Try a Career Day and Big Arts Days. The SVRC has also conducted or supported a number of camps including Challenge Camp (Traralgon), Driving Camp (Swan Hill), the Great Victorian Bike Ride (around Victoria) and Space Camp (USA).

For more information, please contact us.