Big Arts Family Picnic, April 2015

Wet and windy but worth it!

The first day of the term 1 holidays saw an intrepid group of SVRC staff and families braving the wet and windy weather to trek down to the wonderful McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery in Langwarrin for a visual and tactual feast of modern art!

SVRC Art Teacher, Michael Donnelly, had arranged for a gallery staff member to lead the group on a tour of The McClelland Sculpture Survey & Awards 2014, sharing her specialised knowledge of the sculptures, AND many anecdotes and stories that were enjoyed by all.

Garry Stinchcombe and the students with vision impairments were invited to touch the sculptures – an experience that was enjoyed by all!

This exhibition presented 33 works in an outdoor setting and highlighted the diversity and invention of contemporary sculpture.

Our group also had a golf buggy to ride between the sculptures – which proved an additional highlight for the kids!

As a group, our favourite sculpture was “Suburban Time Capsule” by Tunni Kraus (see photograph). This installation, a rectangular pillar composed entirely of compressed shopping trolleys, was fascinating to us all. It apparently “explores consumption as a critical movement in the structure and content of community and self” – but the kids just enjoyed finding the wheels, handles, child harnesses and wire frames that had been bent, crushed, and rendered barely unrecognisable.

Thanks to Michael for organising yet another artistic feast and to the management of the McClelland Gallery for allowing us touch access.

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