About Cortical Vision Impairment - Free Online Professional Learning

SVRC is excited to launch our first free online learning sessions about Cortical Vision Impairment.

Cortical Vision Impairment is commonly associated with brain injuries, such as insufficiency of oxygen at birth, head injuries, hydrocephalus, or developmental brain anomalies, or infections such as encephalitis or meningitis. Children with cerebral palsy may experience CVI.

SVRC is presenting two one-hour online learning opportunities about Cortical Vision Impairment.

Annette Godfrey-Magee, Deb Davidson and Marion Blazé will take you through:

  • the implications of CVI (which are very different from an ocular vision loss)
  • the three ‘Phases’ in functional vision proposed by Dr Christine Roman
  • considerations for working with children with CVI.

Each one-hour session will include opportunities for you to ask questions.

The two sessions are:

  • 3pm Monday October 22
  • 3pm Monday October 29

Register below by selecting the session you wish to attend.