SVRC Braille Maths Workshop

More and more students who are blind or have low vision, are choosing to do Maths subjects in later schooling. We’ve had several ‘high flying’ braille Maths users with ATARs over 90 in the last few years.

 Hopefully this reflects better technology and teaching practices in including students in Maths programs.

 In order to continue this trend, we are offering a workshop to enhance your skills.

Think about:

  • Is yourbraille math proficiency level up to teaching your current or future brailling students?
  • Are you as confident with the braille numeracy code as you are with the literacy code?
  • Did your Special Education course offer sufficient (or any) Braille Maths code training?
  • What would you like to improve/practice at a Braille Maths workshop?

 Through a range of workshops I aim to improve awareness of Mathematics accessibility, by presenting mathematical codes, instructional methods and mathematical aids in an understandable manner.

 The objective is for VT’s to feel confident:

  • to teach the Braille Mathematics code to our Brailling students, to enrich subject learning
  • to support the classroom teacher to adapt visual concepts into other sensory experiences to aid student understanding in mathematics.
  • to facilitate overwriting of Brailled work for the Math teacher, to benefit the student.