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Concessions & Allowances For People With Vision Impairments

Disclaimer Please note this is an area of constant change. The information here is presented as a guide only. Please check with the authority concerned for the most accurate up-to-date information.

Airfare Concessions

Qantas Airways may offer a discount for people with vision impairment travelling with a sighted guide on domestic flights. For further information contact NICAN
Tel: 1800 806 769 or email:

Arts Access

Arts Access provides access to low cost tickets for people with disabilities and friends/assistants attending entertainment events. Audio description is available at certain theatre performances and information regarding seating and access points for Arts venues is available.
Tel: (03) 9699 8299

Centrelink Assistance

Centrelink offer a range of assistance including:

  • Carer Allowance
  • Carer Payment (Child)
  • Disability Support Pension (Blind)
  • Mobility Allowance

Tel: 132 490


JobAccess is a free information and advice service, funded by the Australian Government, offering practical workplace solutions for people with disability and their employers, for example:

  • information on recruitment, reasonable adjustments and understanding rights and responsibilities at work
  • Work related modifications and services for people with disability
  • Disability Employment Services and programs.

Tel: 1800 464 800.

Multi-Purpose Taxi Program

The Multi Purpose Taxi Program is designed to assist people who have a permanent disability which denies them independent access to bus and tram services and whose mobility is severely restricted by their disability.
It entitles the holder to half price taxi fares up to $60 per trip (capped at $2,180 per year). One of the criteria for eligibility is reduced vision.
Contact the Victorian Taxi Directorate on (03) 9320 4360 or 1800 638802

Pharmacy Concessions

The National Health Scheme has a feature known as the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. This allows for an item prescribed under the National Health Scheme to be charged at reduced rate. For other items the normal charge applies.

Postal Concessions (Freepost for the Blind)

Freepost is available for sending braille, braille paper, aids for the teaching of braille etc between blind senders/recipients and/or recognised organisations (including the Statewide Vision Resource Centre).
Stickers are available from Post Offices or write the words “Materials for the Use of the Blind” on the parcel.

Proof of Age

  • There are two types of documentation available:
    Proof Of Age Card can be used to verify that the person seeking to enter the licensed premises or purchase liquor is over 18 years of age. This card is recognised throughout Australia and may be used by people with vision impairments as an alternative form of identification to a driver’s license.
    Contact the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation on 1300 182 457.
  • Keypass ID is a valid proof of identity or age throughout Australia except WA and is available through Post Offices.

Spectacle Concessions

Victorian Eye Care Service (VES) is a statewide eye care and visual aid service for people experiencing disadvantage or other barriers to accessing eye care services. The Australian College of Optometry manages the statewide delivery.
Tel: (03) 9349 7400

Tax Rebates and Concessions

Tax rebates and concessions may be available for specialist equipment and/or medical expenses. For more information, contact the Australian Tax Office or your tax consultant.


Telstra Disability Help Line: products and services for people with disabilities: 1800 068424
Optus: offers services for people with vision impairment e.g. account in braille: 133 066

Travel Trainer’s Pass

The Travel Trainer Pass is for organisations that provide training for people with a disability to assist them to travel independently on Victoria’s public transport network. Information is available from State Government Victoria or Southern Cross Station.

Travellers’ Aid

Travellers’ Aid Centres provide free assistance to travellers including information, accessible bathroom facilities etc. They can be found at Southern Cross and Flinders Street Stations.

Vision Impaired Travel Pass

The Vision Impaired Travel Pass is available to legally blind people and allows free travel on Victorian public transport.

See also Funding and Educational Support for Students with Vision Impairments.