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Educational Support Materials for Students with Vision Impairments

Vision allows an individual to gather information quickly, incidentally,
holistically and at a distance in order to understand the world. Limitations
in visual access to the environment results in unique educational needs
for students with vision impairments. For more information, see Expanded
Core Curriculum

The resources listed below may assist students with vision impairments
to access areas of the curriculum, or may support the teaching and learning
of skills. The list includes items with braille/audio input/output, teaching
tools and adapted equipment.

Item and Source Price Comments
Access Technology Tutorials and Cheat Sheets

Freedom Scientific
Free Range of software and hardware training materials
Download text or MP3 files
Accessible Computer Games

From A$ free Accessible games for people with vision impairments that can be downloaded
and/or purchased
Sonokids – Ballyland
and All
Abilities Playground
AfterShokz Sports Headphones
Vision Australia
A$99 Uses bone conduction to deliver sound through cheekbones – allows
user to hear ambient sounds
Vision Australia
From A$9 Balls with bells, direction finder
Balls for basketball, cricket , goalball etc
Beetle Game
Vision Australia
A$20 Dice game
Big Keys LX
A$229 USB simplified keyboard
Select from range of high contrast colours
Vision Australia
A$22 Large print: 21 cards and call board
Bold-lined writing pad
Vision Australia
100 sheets A$6 White A4 or A5 paper with bold black lines
Bolinda Publishing
Range Audio and digital books for children and adults
See also BorrowBox
or your local library for audio books on loan
Vision Australia
A$2 per A4 sheet
A$13 pre-cut – 5 sheets
Clear adhesive plastic for brailling adhesive labels
Braille Dymo Tape
Vision Australia
Clear or black A$6 Sticks to paper, plastic etc
Braille Frame
Vision Australia
A$17-$30 Hand frame for producing braille
Braille Paper
Vision Australia  
500 sheets A$50
100 sheets A$15
250 A4 sheets A$20
Tractor-feed A$127-$168
Suitable for Perkins, Mountbatten, braille embossers etc
Ring binders also available A$20
Braille Ringbinder
Vision Australia  
A$20 Suitable for Perkins-sized paper
Braille Stylus
Vision Australia
Stylus A$8
Frame & Stylus A$17-$30
For producing braille by hand eg notes, phone numbers etc
Plastic or wooden
Braille Swinging Cell
Vision Australia
A$15 Two hinged rectangular wooden blocks which can be used to represent
a braille cell
Braille Training Manual (UEB)
Free downloads Documentation and training manuals re UEB
Brailler (Perkins)
Vision Australia
Classic A$1,290 Metal-bodied braille writer
Lease arrangement possible
Bumpons / Loc Dots
Vision Australia
A$6 (6-pack) Various sizes and colours, square or round including transparent –
used to mark every day items eg heater, oven, keyboard etc
Vision Australia
Tips A$4-$18
Range of canes available – fibreglass, fold or telescopic and cane
Capsule/Swell Paper
Quantum RLV
100 sheet packs
A4 A$300
B4 A$300
Tactual graphis production – paper onto which images can be drawn
or photocopied (thermoform sheets) – A4, B4, A3
The paper is then heated to produce a raised line image (see PIAF)
Chess – Tactile
Vision Australia
A$55 Tactile board and pieces
From A$419 PC and Apple
Voiced word processor in which graphics, animations and sounds can be
Display: onscreen keyboard
Download free training tutorials from ATTO
Cobolt Colour Detector – Talking
Vision Australia
A$200 Scanning device that announces colour eg “very light blue”
Coin Holder
Vision Australia
A$5 Round metal container with spring-loaded slots for 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c,
$1, $2
Connect 4
Vision Australia
A$39 Tactile game
Cricket Ball
Vision Australia
A$POA Cane ball with bell
Dice – Tactile
Vision Australia
A$6 (set of 2) Tactual dots
Vision Australia
From A$25 Tactual dominoes – indented tiles, black on white
Quantum RLV
From A$99 Dictate or edit documents
Quantum RLV
Plastic sheets A$40
Portable rubber-backed drawing board
Use plastic embossing film
Dymo Labeller – Braille
Vision Australia
Braille tape A$6
Produces adhesive braille labels
Geometry Mat
Vision Australia
A$25 Large rubber mat for producing tactual drawings
Graph Paper
Vision Australia
50 pack A$12 Embossed graph paper – 2 cm squares
Green Lined Paper
Free download Print your own bold lined writing paper, graph paper, clock face,
music staves etc
Handwriting: Victorian Modern Cursive
Script font
Free download Fonts for use in Victorian schools available on the Department of
Education andTraining website – PC and Mac – includes instructions
i-access online
Vision Australia Library
Braille (incl music)
DAISY text/audio
Catalogue and borrow online – membership required
Tate Museum
Free download Online art resource for people with vision impairments
JAWS Tutorials
Freedom Scientific
Free Text or sound based tutorials and training materials
Jackson Models
Jim Jackson
or borrow from Family Planning Victoria
US$260-560 per model Models of genitalia made of a latex-type material
Jot A Dot
Quantum RLV
A$405 Manual braille note taker
Plastic outerbody
Keyboard Stickers
Vision Australia
Alphabet only from A$10 Vinyl keyboard stickers in combinations of black, yellow and white
Language Master
Vision Australia
A$299 Hand held dictionary, thesaurus, grammar guide, spellcheck, spelling
games such as Hangman
Voices letters and words
LED display
Small QWERTY keyboard with black on white letters
Keys ‘U’ See
Pacific Vision
A$69-$75 Wireless mouse and keyboard
Upper or lower case lettering
Yellow on black / white on black / black on white
Large Print Keyboard
A$99-$219 Upper or lower case lettering
Yellow on black
USB available
Large Print Keyboard
Vision Australia
A$39 Large print keyboard
Liquid Level Indicator
Vision Australia
1 level A$30
2 levels A$35
Vibrating A$40
Hang unit on side of cup
Audible and vibrating available
Loc Dots
Vision Australia
$A4-$6 (6-pack) Various sizes and colours, square or round including transparent –
used to mark every day items eg heater, oven, keyboard etc
MAGic Large Print Keyboard
Pacific Vision 
Quantum RLV
A$105-$150 + freight PC keyboard to enhance navigation using MAGic
Magnifying Mirror
Vision Australia
A$28 Mirror magnifies – compact and stand models available and some with
a light
Magnification 2.5-7x
Mangold Braille and Maths Programs
Exceptional Teaching
See website for prices Programs and teaching resources – tactile perception, pre-braille
reading program, braille letter recognition, maths materials, raised-line
coloring books
Math Flash
US$24 PC – maths problems with voiced instructions, drills and practice
Degree of difficulty can be individualised
6 years and up
Input: Keyboard or mouse
Output: Voice – human speech, print on screen
Quantum RLV
A$135-$141 + freight Binocular telescopic glasses designed for watching television
2.1 x magnification
Max Detail
A$135 Binocular telescopic glasses designed for close work
Measuring Jug – Talking
Vision Australia
A$145 Talking measuring jug
Microscope Access
POA Range of microscope cameras available, either as stand alone units
or to attach to your microscope
Image transmitted wirelessly or via USB to tablet, computer or screen
Mimic – LED Display
Quantum RLV
A$515 Attaches to Mountbatten Brailler to give LED display of student’s
brailled work
Money Organiser
Vision Australia
Coins A$5
Notes A$12
Round metal container with spring-loaded slots for 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c,
$1, $2
Compact vinyl wallet with sleeves for $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 notes
Non-Slip Mat
Vision Australia
A$5 (black placemat) Also available in rolls from bargain/thrift shops, Bunnings etc
Ozzie Dots
A$792 (organisational price including GST) Program to introduce contracted braille and tactual graphicacy to
beginning readers
Perkins Brailler
Vision Australia
A$1,290 Metal-bodies braille writer
Lease arrangement possible
Perkins Brailler Repair
Rod Smith
Service A$45+ Service and repair to Perkins Braillers
Perky Duck
Free download PC or Apple – produce braille with 6-key entry
Useful for learning braille or producing labels for stereo diagrams
PIAF (Pictures in a Flash)
Quantum RLV
A$1,610 Images can be drawn or photocopied onto a specially treated paper
known as capsule or thermoform paper
The paper is then passed through PIAF to raise the image
Picture Braille for Windows
A$650 Create black line drawings with braille labelling for tactile diagrams
Plastic Embossing Film
Quantum RLV 
Vision Australia
50 sheets A$20
100 sheets A$40
Used to produce tactile drawings via drawing kit eg Draftsman
Playing Cards
Vision Australia
Braille A$16
Large print A$10-$22
Card holder A$15
Tactual or large print
LP Bingo AA$22; Braille Uno A$25
Polymark Puff Paint
Vision Australia
A$5 Fabric/craft paint which dries (3 hours) to form tactile mark – black,
orange, white
Vision Australia
A$15 Tactile, semi-circular, yellow
Vision Australia
Tactile A$10 Tactile and large print available
Vision Australia
Large print / braille A$70 Suitable for braille readers or people with low vision
Signature Guide
Vision Australia
A$2 Template used for signing name on, for example, cheques
Large or small available
Simply Scripts
Simply Scripts
Free download Scripts from plays and movies
Sock Holders
Vision Australia
A$6 Keeps socks in pairs during washing
Soccer Ball (Firestorm)
Vision Australia
A$25 Audible soccer ball
Spur Wheel
Vision Australia
A$50 Various including ordinary, upward embossing, hooked etc
Survivor’s Guide to Braille Music Notation
Vision Australia
Free (currently not available) Print, braille and CD lessons designed to teach braille music reading
and writing
Vision Australia
Bat A$13
Ball A$9
Swish is a game like table tennis
Price varies depending on purchase Blocks with braille cells which will fit on regular lego boards
Can buy packs eg alphabet, contractions, word signs, maths, magnetic,
games etc
Starter set – 320 tiles
See website for more information
Tactile Timer
Vision Australia
A$30 60 minute count-down – tactile and large print
Talking Computer Games
Spoonbill Software
Varies Accessible games for people with vision impairments that can be downloaded
and/or purchased
Sonokids – Ballyland
and All
Abilities Playground
Talking Pocket Timer Clock
Vision Australia
A$120 Talking tape measure
Talking Tape Measure
Vision Australia
A$20 8x6cm clock and timer that counts up and down
No alarm
Quantum RLV
A$1,410 Metal-framed manual braille writer
Light weight and robust
Dymo tape clips for embossing dymo tape
Tic Tac Toe / Noughts & Crosses – Tactile
Vision Australia
A$29 Wooden tactile board and pieces
Tiresias Fonts
Free download PC and Apple
Clear, bold font
Thermometer – Talking
Vision Australia
A$28-$30 Fever and indoor/outdoor available
Optek Systems
A$1,725 Braille music software
Create, translate, play and record music
Send to embosser
Tractor-Feed Braille Paper
Vision Australia  
28x24cm 1000 sheet A$127
28x33cm 1000 sheet A$148
Suitable for braille embossers
Bicycle shops
POA Attachment for an ordinary adult’s bicycle which seats children from
3 to 9 years
Trekker Breeze
A$820 Hand-held accessible GPS for location, route planning and mobility
– text to speech
Can record vocal and text notes
Unified English Braille code
Free downloads Documentation and training manuals re UEB
Vision Australia
A$25 Braille card game
Vision Australia
Large print A$20+
Tactile A$45+
Talking A$55+
Various styles – talking, tactual and vibrating
Clocks and timers also available
Wikki Stix
Vision Australia
Varies depending on set purchased
VA 48 sticks A$20
Bendable sticks used for making tactile outlines
Writing Guide
Vision Australia
A$8 Provides straight lines for handwriting
Victorian Modern Cursive Script font
Free download Fonts for use in Victorian schools available on the Department of
Education and Training website – PC and Mac – includes instructions
Vision Australia Library
Vision Australia
Free for subscribers Borrow materials in alternative format
Tel 1300 847466
ZoomText Large Print Keyboard
Pacific Vision
Quantum RLV
A$125-$155 + freight PC keyboard
Black on yellow keys of N36 font
Sixteen dedicated keys to instantly start ZoomText
features (enlargement and voice software)

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