SVRC Equipment Loans Program

Two boys study an image on their iPad
The SVRC Equipment Loans Program makes available equipment and software purchased through the More Support for Students With Disabilities National Partnership: Vision Assistive Technology and Teacher Training, 2012-2013 and the annual Equipment Grants Program.

The SVRC has a library of over 1,200 items of equipment and software which is available to support student inclusion and to improve access to information for students with vision impairments.

The SVRC is committed to providing ongoing training and to sourcing or developing useful training materials for those supporting students with vision impairments and for the students themselves. For additional support and training resources, please see:

How to borrow through the SVRC Equipment Loans Program

Students with vision impairments in government schools are eligible to borrow equipment from the SVRC.

This equipment remains the property of the SVRC and upon the student leaving the school or no longer requiring it, the equipment should be returned to the Centre. If this equipment is lost, broken or rendered inoperable through misuse, the school or family may be responsible for the costs of repair or replacement. Please complete the forms below.

For more information, please contact us.