Materials In Alternative Format

Students with vision impairments may find it difficult or may not be able to visually access the text books, novels and worksheets that are being used in class. Materials can be made accessible to students with vision impairments by providing them in “alternative format” such as:

  • braille – hard copy braille, refreshable braille display
  • electronic text (etext) – MS Word document, readable PDF, DAISY, ePub, email, webpage
  • audio – mp3, audio CD, DAISY, synthetic speech etc
  • large print – hard copy, electronic text

Etext is the most flexible alternative format as, according to the student’s level of vision, learning task, technology available and skill set, the electronic text can be:

  • viewed in large text, high contrast, inverse colours etc on a computer screen or tablet
  • listened to on a stand-alone audio player or via computer with synthetic speech
  • read in braille via a refreshable braille display
  • read simultaneously in braille, large print and/or audio

Publishers are being encouraged to provide their text books in accessible format and many are available as an online resource with a unique student login or as a PDF.

For more information about alternative format production – please contact us.