Calculators and Maths Resources

Improving access for students with vision impairments may require a range of "work-arounds", particularly for senior students studying maths and science. Low tech options such as bold lined or tactile graph paper and high tech options such as talking calculators may assist.

Model and Supplier Price Comments
Try APH or Vision Australia
POA e.g. Cranmer 13-rod abacus with tactile markings
Audio Graphic Calculator
A$295 + freight PC software
Import data from Excel etc
Keyboard navigation or onscreen keypad
Description of graph shape through audio tones and cues
Bold lined masters
Free Templates for printing graph paper, lined paper, protractors, clock faces
BrailleNote Calculator
Free with BrailleNote Calculate using refreshable braille display or voice output
Kits from US$94 Hands-on 3-D geometry sets – build solids using squares, triangles and polygons
Free trial
US$25 – single user
iPhone/iPad US$3.99
PC or i-Devices: equation plotter which may be suitable for students with low vision
Zoom function and different colours
Quantum RLV
A$400 + freight Scientific graphing calculator software designed for blind students and those with low vision
Voice output and large print
Large Print Talking Calculators
Vision Australia
From A$40 Range of stand-alone basic and scientific calculators
Math Flash
Free demo download
PC software: basic maths training program
Voiced instructions, drills and practice sessions
Degree of difficulty can be individualised for 6 years and up
Free IE plug-in which can be downloaded to give students with vision impairments access to maths sites which use MathML (instead of graphical images) via the student’s screen reader
Free Graphing software program that is compatible with JAWS and NVDA
Plots graphs from equations and data sets
Provides verbal description of graph
Microsoft Mathematics
Free MS Word Add-in includes equation-solver, graphing calculator, unit converter etc
Can insert Maths symbols
MS Windows Calculator Comes with MS Office PC: calculator software includes Standard, Scientific, Programmer and Statistics mode
Orion TI-84 Plus
US$599 Talking graphing calculator (Orion unit is placed on top of standard TI-84 Plus)
Uses stereo pitch to describe graph; vibration and hiss shows negative numbers
APH audio tutorial (mp3)
Platon Speaking Scientific Calculator
Pacific Vision
POA Stand-alone calculator with voice output
Basic operations plus trigonometric, logarithmic, statistical and financial operations
Sci-Plus Calculators
POA Range of scientific calculators with enlargement, speech and graphing functions
Talking Builders Tape Measure
Vision Australia
A$130 5 metres (16 feet) announces to the nearest millimetre
9v battery
Talking Indoor Outdoor Thermometer
Vision Australia
A$32 2 x AAA batteries
Talking Kitchen Scales
Vision Australia
A$65 2 x AA batteries
Talking Pocket Timer Clock
Vision Australia

Counts up or down
No alarm

Please note: Every effort has been made to ensure this information is accurate and current. If there are errors or omissions, they are unintentional. Please check with the equipment supplier to verify product specifications, availability and price.