Computer Enlargement Access

For some computer users, the computer’s inbuilt accessibility options may
provide access. The list below presents a range of alternatives for users
with low vision.

See also Electronic Magnification Units,
Computer Access: Voice and Curriculum Access

Item and Source Price Comments
American Printing House for the Blind
Free download PC: LP font designed for people with vision impairments
Clear, bold font – regular, bold, italic and italic bold
BigKeys LX
A$229 Large print keyboard
Big and simplified
Choose from high contrast colours
Co:Writer 7
A$429 PC or Apple – word prediction software with voice
Occupies part of the screen
Co:Writer Universal is available for iPad
Download free training tutorials from ATTO
Dolphin Guide
Quantum RLV
$1,070 + freight Software with inbuilt voice and enlargement
Simple to use
Quantum RLV
From A$450 + freight PC: magnification and voice output software
1.5x to 16x via 6 zooming modes including full screen and magnifying
Cursor enhancements
Keys ‘U’ See
Pacific Vision Spectronics 
A$75 Large print keyboard
Large Print Keyboard
A$169-$219 Large print keyboard – upper or lower case available
Different types available including yellow on black
MAGic 8.0
Pacific Vision
Quantum RLV
No speech A$460
With speech A$690
Keyboard A$150
+ freight
PC – screen enlargement and optional speech
Controlled by the keyboard, or via its own on-screen control panel
Up to 16x magnification
Horizontal and vertical split screens
A lens that tracks mouse pointer
ZoomText Magnifier
Pacific Vision
Quantum RLV
No speech A$495-$515
With speech
Keyboard A$135-$155
+ freight
PC and Apple – screen enlargement (voice optional)
Easy key commands to negotiate the screen
2x-16x enlargement including menus
Choice of colours
Download free training tutorials from ATTO
or CAT

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