Electronic Magnification

Electronic magnification can be used to capture and enlarge print materials (text or graphics) and may assist students with low vision to visually access learning materials in the classroom, school library or at home. Features to consider include:

  • near viewing (e.g. print, photos, maps), distance viewing (e.g. reading from the whiteboard), self-viewing, for handwriting or craft work, in conjunction with a microscope etc
  • compatibility with other devices e.g. PC or Apple computer
  • ability to capture and recognise text (OCR) e.g. for voice output, saving or reformatting
  • desktop, portable, handheld or pocket model

See also: The EMU Book: A curriculum for using an electronic magnifier unit (coming soon)

Item and Source Price Comments
ClearNote HD
Quantum RLV
A$5,030 + freight Stand-mounted tilt and swivel camera to capture and save images
Foldable, 1.1 kg, attaches to PC or VGA monitor
Near, self and distance; 4-40x on 17" screen
ClearView (range available)
Quantum RLV
A$4,180-$7,310 (may require screen +$) + freight Stand-alone scanner/electronic magnifier, for near viewing, OCR and voice (scan and listen)
Enlargement to 75x, wordwrap, adjustable playback speed
Portable, save to SD card or USB
Compact HD (range available)
Quantum RLV
4HD A$1,530, 5HD A$1,740, 7HD A$2,190, Touch HD A$1,740 + freight Handheld autofocus for near viewing from 1.5x to 24x, models include detachable stand or pop-up screen
Can freeze image, SD card for saving images
Optek Systems
A$4,250 Stand-mounted tilt and swivel camera for near, self and distance viewing, with OCR (near) and voice
Compatible with PC or Apple
Explore (range available)
A$249-$1,099 + freight Handheld autofocus for near viewing from 2x to 24x
Models include detachable stand or pop-up screen and distance mode
Can freeze image, inbuilt LED, can connect to TV screen
Magnilink S
Pacific Vision
Quantum RLV
A$7,430 + freight Stand-mounted tilt and swivel camera for near and distance
Connect to PC or monitor, records video
MultiView HD
Quantum RLV
A$3,820 Stand-mounted tilt and swivel camera with 22" screen and moveable reading table for near, self and distance viewing
Pearl Camera (with OpenBook)
Pacific Vision
Quantum RLV
Camera A$956-$1,180, OpenBook A$1,240, camera + OpenBook A$2,480 Stand-mounted PC compatible tilt and swivel camera for near (OCR & graphics) and distance with speech
Continuous acquire – senses page movement and automatically captures each page
Desktop and tablet A$3,390-$3,650
Tablet only A$1,290
Desktop unit (20 or 24" screen) with detachable 5" touchscreen tablet (attach via docking station) for near enlargement and voice, highlighting words as they are spoken
SmartView 360
A$1,995 Integrated camera and monitor magnifies images for near, self and distance up to 50x
Can view on PC, TV or monitor
Zoom-Ex (with Zoom-Office)
Quantum RLV
A$3,370 + freight Stand-mounted camera for near (enlargement to 40x), OCR, voice and wordwrap via PC or Apple
Voice – highlights words as they are read
Navigate document using keyboard or mouse
Zoomax Snow
Vision Australia
A$499 Handheld electronic magnifier for near viewing with 4.3" screen and enlargement to 32x
Can connect to TV

Please note: Every effort has been made to ensure this information is accurate and current. If there are errors or omissions, they are unintentional. Please check with the equipment supplier to verify product specifications, availability and price.