Keyboarding and Computer Skills

Touch typing and the use of Key Commands assist with swift and efficient use of the PC or Apple computer and are important skills for students with vision impairments. Below is a collection of typing programs and tutorials which may assist the learner or teacher.

Title and Supplier Price Comments
Dance Mat Typing
Free Online typing program for 7 to 11 year olds with worksheets and scoreboard
Five Finger Typist
A$130 PC and Apple – teaches one handed typing – left or right hand; access via mouse or keyboard
JAWS Tutorials
Freedom Scientific
Free download Text and/or sound-based tutorials
Microsoft Accessibility Tutorials
Free to schools and other learning institutions Tutorials for some of the most commonly used accessibility features – either via mouse or keyboard shortcuts
Also tutorials for Windows, Word, Outlook, Internet Explorer
Talking Typer for Windows
US$79 PC: keyboarding/typing program designed for people with vision impairments
With drills, practice and games
Teach Typing and Keyboarding
Free Ideas for teaching typing and for improving typing speed and accuracy
Text Type 2
Doorway Online
Free Talking typing program – teachers letters and numbers (UK keyboard)
ZoomText Large Print Keyboard
Pacific Vision
Quantum RLV
A$185-$240 Black on yellow keys of N36 font with 16 dedicated keys to interact with ZoomText

Please note: Every effort has been made to ensure this information is accurate and current. If there are errors or omissions, they are unintentional. Please check with the equipment supplier to verify product specifications, availability and price.