Slantboards and Reading/Writing Stands

Young children, except those who are aphakic (without a lens), are able to focus at a working distance of 10cm for a short time. Viewing an object close to their eyes may provide sufficient magnification for some tasks. A short working distance, with or without reading glasses, provides the greatest field of view.

There are a large number of slantboards and reading/writing stands available which can bring the reading material closer to the eyes, saving the student from leaning over their work, therefore alleviating or reducing neck/back pain and improving posture.

The type of stand needed depends on the student’s viewing preferences – consider size, purpose (reading and/or writing), material (wooden or clear Perspex), portability, sturdiness.

Examples of stands

Item and Supplier Price Comments
Busyboard Wooden Reading/Writing Stand
Vision Australia
A$204 A3 wooden stand with adjustable tilt (5 positions); removable bookrest; recessed carry handle
Kayendee Reading Aid
Approx A$220 Clear (Perspex) reading stand
Dimensions – 470mm x 500mm

Before making a purchase

It is best for the student to trial a stand for a specific task before purchasing. Reading stands can be trialed and/or purchased at:

East Melbourne Optometry and Low Vision Centre
Optometrist Alan Johnston – for people with moderate to severe vision impairments
Suite 214, 100 Victoria Parade East Melbourne
Tel (03) 9654 1331

Vision Australia
Tel 1300 84 74 66

Please note: Every effort has been made to ensure this information is accurate and current. If there are errors or omissions, they are unintentional. Please check with the equipment supplier to verify product specifications, availability and price.