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VCE: Special Provision for students with vision impairments

Special Provision may be available to VCE students whose learning and assessment
has been affected by illness, impairment or personal circumstances. Staff from the SVRC can assist in this process.

Students who are eligible for Special Provision are not exempt from meeting
the requirements for Satisfactory Completion of the Victorian Certificate
of Education (VCE), or from being assessed against the outcomes for a particular

The guiding principles of Special Provision are that the provision:

  • should provide equivalent, alternative arrangements for students
  • should not confer an advantage to a student over other students

There are three types of Special Provision for the VCE:

  • special provision for school-based assessment requirements
  • special examination arrangements for external examinations
  • derived examination score

Special Provision for examinations

In order for students with vision impairments to be eligible for Special
Examination Arrangements, there should be a documented history of Special
Provision approved by the schools for the student. Special Provision for
units 3 and 4 must be applied for on the appropriate form by the due date
– which is usually in term 1.

Information about the student’s vision impairment and support statements
from the visiting teacher and/or staff from the SVRC may be required.

Students with a vision impairment may be eligible for the following:

  • extra reading time
  • extra writing time
  • reader
  • scribe
  • rest breaks
  • examination papers in alternative format – braille, large print, audio
    or etext
  • written descriptions of pictures or diagrams
  • use of access technology and equipment such as a braille notetaker or
    a computer
  • separate room with individual supervision
  • exemption from the GAT

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