Tactile Markers

The following list offers techniques and strategies for brailling students to independently indicate to teachers (and themselves) their choice in, for example, multiple-choice questions. These methods can also be used by the teacher or the student, to indicate errors needing correction in the student’s work.

  • Fuzzy stickers – buy small ones (or large ones and cut them into smaller pieces). Stick them in a sticker book. They can then be peeled off easily and used/reused by the students.
  • Crayon (1) – this makes a tactual mark when a wire board is placed beneath the page. Draw a line under or beside the selected response.
  • Crayon (2) – rub out the braille number or letter of their choice with a crayon.
  • Stylus – place a piece of foam beneath the page and have the student poke a hole in the paper.
  • BluTac – the student can stick a blob to the paper to indicate their choice.
  • Eraser (1) – use a braille eraser or fingernail to scratch out the letter indicating the chosen answer. Circle the answer in pencil for the teacher.
  • Eraser (2) – braille a “for” sign (or any other sign)
    before each choice and have the student erase the symbol next to the chosen answer.
  • Hole punch – put a hole in the paper to indicate the choice.
  • Stapler – put a staple in the paper to indicate the choice.
  • Drawing pins – attach the braille paper to a piece of cork board with large clips. This works best if only one or two sheets of braille are used. The teacher can check the answers immediately.
  • Masking tape – folded a little bit over itself so that it makes a small tab to indicate the choice.
  • Paper reinforcers – they look like ‘life savers’ and you peel them off their backing and stick them in place.
  • Paperclips – slide on to the paper to indicate the choice.

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