BrailleNote Apex – Handy Commands

Download: BrailleNote Apex – Handy Commands (pdf) | BrailleNote Apex – Handy Commands (docx)


Go to Main Menu: SPACE+15 (e) repeat till “main menu”
Help: SPACE+125 (h)
Options: SPACE+135 (o)

In menus

Go to next menu option: SPACE or ADVANCE thumbkey
Go to Previous menu option: BACKSPACE or BACK thumbkey
Select a menu option: ENTER or NEXT thumbkey
Exit a menu or prompt: SPACE+15 (e) or PREVIOUS thumbkey

Speech preferences

Speech on / off / request: SPACE+PREVIOUS
Increase / Decrease volume: ENTER+4 / ENTER+1
Increase / Decrease pitch: ENTER+5 / ENTER+2
Increase / Decrease speed: ENTER+6 / ENTER+3

Reading – braille display

Pan display back / forward: BACK / ADVANCE
Move display up / down a print line: PREVIOUS / NEXT (note: can miss some braille)

Reading – voice

Read continuously: SPACE+1245 (g)
Top / bottom of document: SPACE+123 / SPACE+456
Read again; read current word aloud: SPACE+1235 (r)


Toggle between documents: SPACE+1256 (ou)
Time: ENTER+2345 (t)
Turn on monitor (VGA visual display): SPACE+135 (o); 1236 (v); 1236 (v); ENTER
Spell Check (in Keyword): SPACE+34 (ch)

Copy a file from memory stick / card

[For documents not to be edited] f: file manager menu
c: copy document (follow prompts)

Import a document

[For documents to be edited (.doc or .txt)] f: file manager menu
t: translation menu
i: import document (follow prompts)

Export a document

[To translate from braille into Microsoft Word to be read on the computer] f: file manager menu
t: translation menu
e: export document (follow prompts)
When asked: “export as which file type?” press SPACE+34 until “Microsoft Word”, then press ENTER.

To move, read and delete within the document

Move back: (by character) SPACE+3 (by word) SPACE+2 (by sentence) SPACE+1 (by paragraph) SPACE+23
Move forward: (by character) SPACE+6 (by word) SPACE+5 (by sentence) SPACE+4 (by paragraph) SPACE+56
Read current: (by character) SPACE+36 (by word) SPACE+25 (by sentence) SPACE+14 (by paragraph) SPACE+2356
Delete current: (by character) BACKSPACE+36 (by word) BACKSPACE+25 (by sentence) BACKSPACE+14 (by paragraph) BACKSPACE+2356

See Tutorials and Quick Guides for more cheat sheets.