Mountbatten with a Computer to Emboss Documents

Download: Mountbatten to Emboss Documents (pdf) | Mountbatten to Emboss Documents(docx)

Here is how to set up a computer to work with the Mountbatten so that it can be used to produce quick braille sheets, for example vocabulary lists or worksheets.

Install 2 small programs on the computer

Go to the Mountbatten website

Prepare your document

This must be a .txt document.
At the top of the document AND at the bottom of the document, add translation commands on their own lines as in the below example:
write your document here
Save the document as .txt. The filename should not exceed 10 characters.

Load paper into the Mountbatten

IMPORTANT: Line up the paper feed edge BEFORE closing the paper lever.
Plug the USB cable in to the computer and Mountbatten.
Turn on the Mountbatten.

Open the program: MB-Comm

Device, Connect Mountbatten – hopefully the port number will automatically appear in the box (if not, see below*) OK, OK
File, Send text file to Mountbatten, browse to the text file, OK OK etc

Embossing should happen!!

If the document is larger than one page, the Mountbatten will pause while you load the next page and as soon as you close the paper lever it will resume embossing.

*If the port number doesn’t automatically appear in the box, check that the USB driver is installed properly, switch the Mountbatten off, close the MB-Comm program, unplug and re-plug and try again. Use the same USB port each time.

For additional assistance, download the Mountbatten Manual.

See Tutorials and Quick Guides for more cheat sheets.