JAWS Keystrokes Checklist

Download: JAWS Keystrokes Checklist (pdf) | JAWS Keystrokes Checklist (docx) | JAWS Keystrokes Checklist (braille file)


Open JAWS menu (JAWS key default is INSERT): JAWS+J
Quit JAWS (JAWS key default is INSERT): JAWS+F4
Set to laptop layout (JAWS key is now CAPS LOCK): Options … Basics … Use keyboard layout: laptop … OK (restart JAWS)
Volume: use computer volume controls
Interrupt Speech (Sshh!): CTRL
Track pad off: FUNCTION+F7 (on some computers)
Active Window Title (where am I?): JAWS+T
Say All from Cursor: JAWS+DOWN ARROW

General Windows Keystrokes

Help: F1
Switch between Open Applications: ALT+TAB
Switch between Panes: F6
Open the Shortcut Menu: APPLICATIONS KEY or SHIFT+F10
Exit the Active Application: ALT+F4
Move to the Menu Bar: ALT
Choose a Menu Item: ENTER or SPACE
Cancel or close a Menu: ESC or ALT

Windows Dialog Boxes

Move forward through Dialog Controls: TAB, ARROWS
Move backward through Dialog Controls: SHIFT+TAB, ARROWS
Skip to button: ALT+Underlined (announced) letter
Activate buttons / check boxes etc: Follow JAWS commands (listen!)

Windows Text Navigation

Move to Beginning / End of Line: HOME / END
Move to Beginning / End of Document: CTRL+HOME / END
Say Prior / Next Character: JAWS+M / PERIOD (LEFT / RIGHT ARROW)
Say Prior / Next Word: JAWS+ J / L (CTRL+LEFT / RIGHT ARROW)
Say / Spell Current Word: JAWS+K / JAWS+K twice quickly
Say Prior / Next Sentence: JAWS+Y / N (ALT+UP / DOWN ARROW)
Say Prior / Next Paragraph: JAWS+CTRL+U / O (CTRL+UP / DOWN ARROW)
Select with… above actions: SHIFT+…
Select All / Say All / Say Selected Text: CTRL+A / JAWS+A / JAWS+SHIFT+A
Undo: CTRL+Z

Windows Explorer / Microsoft

Time / Date: JAWS+F12 once / twice quickly
Delete Selected File or Folder: DELETE
Go Up One Folder Level: BACKSPACE
Save: CTRL+S
Navigate Folders: Tree View, up and down arrows, ENTER
TAB to: Shell View, arrows, ENTER
Open Recent document (in Word): ALT, F, R, TAB once, ARROWS
Spell Check (in Word): F7

Internet Commands

List Links: JAWS+F7
Prior rather than Next: SHIFT with the below keystrokes
Next Visited Link: V
Next Unvisited Link: U
Next Heading: H
List Headings: JAWS+F6
Next Paragraph: P
Next Form Control: F
Enter Forms Mode: ENTER
Exit Forms Mode: NUM PAD PLUS
Next Button: B
Next Combo Box: C
Next Edit Box: E
Next Radio Button: A
Next Check Box: X
Next List: L
Next Table: T
Jump to Line: J
Next Non Link Text: N
Next Frame: M
Next Region: R
Move to Main Region: Q
Next Place Marker: K
Insert Temporary Place Marker: CTRL+WINDOWS+K
Add, Delete, Edit, or Rename Permanent Place Marker: CTRL+SHIFT+K, listen to options
Speak All Place Markers: ALT+WINDOWS+K

HTML Commands

Forward a Page: ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Move to Address Bar: ALT+D

Email Outlook Commands

Move to folders: CTRL+Y
Move to inbox: CTRL+I
Send: ALT+S
Reply: CTRL+R

Tabbed Browsing Commands

Open a New Tab: CTRL+T
View List of Open Tabs: CTRL+SHIFT+Q
Switch to the Next Tab: CTRL+TAB
Close Current Tab: CTRL+W

Other Internet Commands

Search Box Explorer 7 or later: CTRL+E
Search Button Explorer 7 or later: ALT+ENTER
Reload Web Page: F5
Refresh JAWS Virtual Mode: JAWS+ESC
Route Virtual to PC Cursor: JAWS +DELETE
Route PC to Virtual Cursor: CTRL+INSERT+DELETE
Route Virtual to JAWS Cursor: JAWS +NUM PAD PLUS
Virtual Cursor Toggle: JAWS +Z

Source: JAWS Help

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