Using PowerPoint with JAWS or NVDA

Download: Using PowerPoint with JAWS or NVDA (pdf) | Using PowerPoint with JAWS or NVDA (docx)

PowerPoint is arranged in a set of Panes, somewhat like a set of window panes making a window.
Depending which Pane you are in, you can perform different actions. Begin by learning how to navigate the Panes.

Navigating the Panes

F6: Switch between panes:

  • Slide thumbnails TAB
  • Slide area (to select an object inside this area, press TAB)
  • Status bar tool bar
  • Upper ribbon (menus)
  • Notes page pane

F5: Play the Slideshow from the beginning
SPACE: Go to next slide
BACKSPACE: Go to previous slide

Adding text in the Slide area

TAB: Cycle through objects on the slide
(An object could be Centre Title Place Holder or Sub title place holder)

  1. Start typing – this will append to any typing that may be already there.
  2. OR Press ENTER which will select all of the text in the object. Your typing will replace text if it is selected.
  3. ESC to finish typing. The object is still selected.
  4. TAB to another object.

To add a picture

In slide area:
ALT: Go to menus
N: Insert
P: Picture
Navigate your computer to your picture, ENTER

To send your picture to the back (text becomes visible over picture)

In slide area:
TAB till “picture”
Applications button
K or DOWN ARROW till “send to back”, ENTER

To label your picture

TAB till “picture”
Applications button
O: Format picture
UP/DOWN ARROW till “Alt text”
TAB once: Title (write the title)
TAB: Description (write the description)
TAB: Close button, press SPACE

To add a new slide

F6 till “Slide Thumbnails”
ENTER (each time you press ENTER, a new slide will appear)
Recommended: Add a sensible title to each slide so that it will be identifiable when navigating later.

To add a new slide between other slides

F6 till “Slide Thumbnails”
UP/DOWN ARROW to the slide thumbnail before the place you want to add a slide

To show the slide show

F5: Start the slide show
ESC: Stop showing the slide show

To add page numbers to the footer

F6 till “Slide Area”
ALT: Go to menus
N: Insert
H: Header and footer
TAB till “slide number”
SPACE: to check (tick) or uncheck the checkbox
TAB to Apply or Apply to all
SPACE: to check (tick) or uncheck the checkbox

To add a sound to the project

F6 till “Slide Area”
ALT: Go to menus
N: Insert
O: Sound
F: from file OR C: Clip Art audio
R: Record
Navigate to the sound file
TAB to Insert button
SPACE: Activate the Insert button
(wait – the insert might take some time especially if the sound file is big)

To play the sound during slideshow

F5: Start the slideshow
SPACE: Go through the slides till the slide with the sound
TAB to the sound button
CTRL with SPACE: Play sound
ESC: Stop sound

Adding a hyperlink to text in the slide

Select the text
ALT: Go to menus
N: Insert
K: Action
“Action on click” DOWN ARROW to hyperlink to
TAB to: “Next slide” DOWN ARROW to Slide… ENTER
DOWN ARROW to the slide title that you want to link to, ENTER
ENTER to close dialogue box

Setting up slide show

ALT: Go to menus
S: Go to slide show TAB
S: Set up show
TAB through items, SPACE to check boxes, TAB to OK button, SPACE

See Tutorials and Quick Guides for more.