Careers in Vision Impairment

Careers In Vision Impairment

This page includes information about pursuing careers in the field of education of students who are blind or have low vision. To find out more information regarding job opportunities at the Statewide Vision Resource Centre, and to receive regular updates, please subscribe to The Bulletin.

All jobs advertised by SVRC, the Visiting Teacher Service, and in Victorian government schools can be found on the Department of Education and Training’s recruitment online website.

Are you interested in supporting school-aged students who are blind or have low vision? Supporting the education of students with blindness or low vision is an interesting and rewarding career, with plenty of job opportunities available across all parts of Victoria.

There are a number of common possible career options for teachers and non-teaching staff wishing to pursue a career in vision impairment. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Working for us at SVRC as a specialist teacher:
    • supporting our delivery of professional learning to schools
    • teaching in our student programs
    • assessing students through our Educational Vision Assessment Clinic
  • Becoming a visiting teacher:
    • Supporting students in Victorian government schools through employment with the Department of Education and Training’s regional visiting teacher services
    • Working for the Catholic Education Office’s Visiting Teacher Service
    • Working as independent operator, consulting to independent schools
  • Working as an education support staff member (teacher’s aide) in a school, supporting a student with blindness or low vision
  • Working with us at SVRC, transcribing learning materials for students in braille and other accessible formats
  • Becoming an orientation and mobility instructor, supporting people with vision impairment to travel independently, enjoying and learning from the environment through which they are passing. Vision Australia and Guide Dogs Victoria employ orientation and mobility instructors across Victoria to support their clients.

Scholarships Available for Teachers

​The Department of Education and Training is providing full-fee scholarships for teachers to undertake postgraduate studies in inclusive education, which can be focused on vision impairment.

Find out more about scholarships on our professional learning opportunities page.

Professional Learning

A variety of professional learning opportunities are available for individuals wishing to develop their skills relevant to the education of students with vision impairments.

Find out more about professional learning opportunities.

Are You a Future Visiting Teacher?

We are always looking for qualified and experienced teachers who are interested in a career change and who:

  • have an attitude of empowerment towards students with disabilities
  • enjoy working independently and as part of a team
  • are interested in technology
  • are curious about braille
  • have great interpersonal communication skills
  • are creative, adaptable and resourceful

If you are interested in finding out more about what a career in vision impairment education could look like, please contact us.

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