Dot Power

Dot Power is a day-long immersive teaching program for children from preschool to year 3 whose primary reading medium is braille. Based on the Expanded Core Curriculum, Dot Power is designed to encourage students to get as much braille under their fingers as possible in one day.

Dot Power focuses on braille literacy (reading and writing), tactile graphicacy (using the sense of touch to interpret tactual diagrams), concept development and communication skills. Each program is a collaboration between the teaching staff of the SVRC, visiting teachers, school personnel and families, so they best meet the individual needs of the students who will be attending.

A typical day may include the use of braille and voice output technology, real objects and their tactual representations, peer tutoring, art, games, singing and more. Each day features a varying theme, and include such things as a postman delivering letters, pizza-making, the Paralympics and braille music. Students participate in group activities, while 1:1 assistance is provided as required.

Focus Areas

Please contact us if you are interested in your child attending.

Dot Power days and all the materials for them are very carefully prepared for the children that we know are coming. We require RSVPs from families and staff who are intending to come to any of these days.

Independent Living

At Dot Power we sing songs as a focus for learning specific braille contractions or concepts and to introduce and revise the day’s theme. Play or download the following songs (mp3) sung by the Dot Power Choir. Words with chords for guitar are available for some of the above songs as a pdf.

Upcoming Dates

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