Ozzie Dots

Designed and produced by staff of the Statewide Vision Resource Centre in conjunction with education vision specialist, Dr Gillian Gale, Ozzie Dots is:

  • a self-contained resource that can be used by the specialist teacher, teacher, teacher aide and/or parent/carer to introduce contracted braille (UEB) to students in their early years of schooling
  • a systematic approach with the flexibility to individualise books for each beginning braille reader
  • a fun and light-hearted resource that encourages children to develop a love of reading
  • 255 fully illustrated stories that encourage the development of tactual graphicacy
  • packed with stories, poems, recipes, procedures; and a range of opportunities for concept development

Ozzie Dots aims to:

  • support the teaching and learning of fully contracted braille
  • support the teaching and learning of tactual graphicacy
  • provide opportunities for concept development
  • offer exposure to non-text sources of information
  • encourage reading through the provision of engaging stories
  • offer early success through predictability, repetition and simplicity
  • provide an opportunity for students to build a personal library
  • provide an electronic resource of complete, self-contained, editable print and braille files

What’s included?

The Ozzie Dots program supports the teaching and learning of fully contracted braille, or braille contractions can be introduced sequentially. Braille and print files for both teaching strategies are included with the program.

The Ozzie Dots program consists of the following files:

  • “Ozzie Dots: Teaching Contracted Braille and Tactual Graphicacy” – describes in detail how the program can be used (PDF and TXT)
  • Sets 1-20 in fully contracted braille (Duxbury with embedded illustrations, and Word files)
  • Introduction of braille contractions – lists the order that contractions are introduced (PDF)
  • Introduction of punctuation and other braille indicators – lists order of introduction (Word and PDF)
  • Topics presented in books – allowing braille teacher to tailor the program to the interests of their student (Word and PDF)
  • Quick Start for braille teachers (PDF)
  • Quick Start for transcribers (PDF)
  • Audio files of many books, read by human voice

Free Downloads

We’d like to offer you five braille books and one audio book from Set 1 as a free download. Set 1 introduces the following contractions: like, can, it, the, go. Each book is available as a DXB file (Duxbury version 10.7) with the illustrations embedded. To emboss the books, you will need Duxbury Braille Translation software and a graphics enabled braille embosser. The text of each book is also available.

  • Download a selection of free books as braille and print files, and one audio file
  • Ozzie Dots Braille Contractions Checklist
  • Further information about the Ozzie Dots project
  • Dot Power – our onsite program for younger students – with links to print, braille and sound files for your use

Purchase Ozzie Dots

The cost of Ozzie Dots (Australian dollars) is as follows:

  • purchase for use by Australian organisations – AU$792 (GST inclusive)
  • purchase for use outside Australia – AU$720

There are two to three books introducing each contraction. Ozzie Dots introduces the contractions as follows:

  • Set 1: like, can, it, the, go
  • Set 2: do, you, will, not, little
  • Set 3: very, good, have, but, for
  • Set 4: that, so, with, him, from
  • Set 5: and, more, every, people, said, quotes, comma
  • Set 6: of, some, great, mother, father
  • Set 7: here, friend, day, as
  • Set 8: could, would, time, work, one
  • Set 9: just, name, after, again, your
  • Set 10: about, always, quite, rather, knowledge
  • Sets 1 to 10: Assessment and Review
  • Sets 11 to 20: remaining contractions

Contact us to discuss purchase options.

Trouble Shooting

Can your embosser produce graphics?
We produced the graphics using PictureBraille and once the pictures were added to the Duxbury file, we selected the picture and made them 2.0 mm dot resolution.

Have you edited the text at all?
If you have edited the text, which is something we encourage, you may have caused the braille lines to take up more than a page. We filled most of the pages with the pictures and the words, so any extra characters on the pages might cause the text go to the next page.

Have you checked your embosser setup? Your Global Embosser Setup needs to match the Document Embosser Setup. The books are configured for these document formatting settings:
  • Form: 11.5 by 11 inches
  • Characters per line: 40
  • Lines per page: 25
  • Top margin in lines: 1
  • Binding margin in characters: 4 (this can change depending on your embosser)
  • Emboss in interpoint: NOT checked
  • Emboss a banner page: NOT checked

Note: Ozzie Dots cannot be embossed using ViewPlus embossers.


We’d love you to stay in touch to provide ideas or feedback, and so we can let you know when further Ozzie Dots teaching and learning materials become available.

Please contact us for more information.

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