Vision Technology Library

Vision Technology Library

Our Blind and Low Vision Technology Library is a collection of specialised equipment and technology that government schools can borrow to support their students who are blind or have low vision. A wide range of technologies are lent to schools, enabling students to independently access and participate in meaningful, collaborative and inclusive learning opportunities.

Our library consists of over two thousand items, most of which are in use in schools across Victoria. Where applicable, support for maintaining loaned equipment and staff training in the use of this equipment will be provided by the SVRC. Staff working with eligible students can also apply to borrow equipment for a short period of time for the purposes of professional learning.

We maintain the library on behalf of the Department of Education and Training. Technology is only available for Victorian government schools.

Guidance for Schools

Victorian government schools and visiting teachers are encouraged to read our Guidance for Schools. This guide provides an overview of our Technology Library and makes clear the processes involved in requesting, borrowing and returning equipment.

Applications must be completed online using SVRC’s tracking system (Department of Education and Training user ID and password required). In most instances applications should be completed on behalf of the school by the eligible student’s visiting teacher (vision). If a visiting teacher is not available to complete this application, schools should contact to make alternative arrangements.

Schools must ensure that they read through our Guidance for Schools and ensure that their principal is aware of and supports the application before it is submitted.

Each year schools that have borrowed items from our Vision Technology Library will be asked to complete a stocktake form. The stocktake form will include an individualised list of items that have been borrowed by each school. Once received, schools will need to sight each item, confirming that all items are in operable condition and are still being used by the eligible student/s. An FAQ document is provided to assist with this process.

Schools are required to return loaned items to SVRC prior to the end of the borrowing period, or whenever the eligible student leaves the school (whichever comes first). When returning an item, schools are advised to contact in order to discuss delivery options. Visiting teachers may provide support to schools in order to return equipment.

Please note the following instructions prior to returning items:

  • Wherever possible, all items should be returned in their original boxes
  • If items were lent out with carry bags, power cords and/or other accessories, these must be returned alongside borrowed items
  • All accounts and passcodes must be removed from iPads and all contents and settings must be erased. This includes logging out of any iCloud accounts
  • All loaned software must be de-activated, including Duxbury, Zoomtext, JAWS and Fusion. Please note: Wiping the computer is not the same as deactivating software.
  • All student files and folders must be removed from loaned items and transferred to an appropriate storage device that the student can access
  • Speech mode must be turned on for all braille note takers
  • All stickers or markings made by the student or school should be removed.
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