Blind and Low Vision Education Conference – Registrations now open!

DET's 2018 Blind and Low Vision Education Conference is on Tuesday 12th June - registrations are now open. This day will bring together Visiting Teachers and other professionals for a day of engaging, insightful and practical professional learning from leading state and national experts in blind and low vision education support. The conference is being generously hosted at Vision Australia’s centre in Kooyong and is being coordinated by the Statewide Vision Resource Centre. Attendance at this event is open to all professionals working in blind and low vision education (both within and outside DET). Registration is required and numbers are strictly limited. The registration cost is free for all participants, as it is being fully covered by the Department of Education and Training.

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Announcing New Dot Power Dates for 2018

Dot Power is the SVRC program for young children whose primary reading medium is braille.

Based around the Expanded Core Curriculum, Dot Power is designed to encourage students to get as much braille under their fingers as is possible in one day!

Eligible Victorian students from 4 years old (pre-school) to Year 3 are invited to participate in the SVRC Dot Power Program.

Prior to 2018, Dot Power has been a termly day at the SVRC, where students participate in group activities designed to offer opportunities to read and write braille. 1:1 assistance is provided as required. Each day features a theme: a postman delivering letters, a mother bird feeding its babies, pizza-making, braille music, the Paralympics etc.

Dot Power is also an extremely valuable learning opportunity for family members, ES staff and teachers to find out how best to include students who are blind in educational activities.

Read more about the Dot Power Program.

Support Skills Dates for 2018

Need to know which group comes in when? Well you can find out here! 

Upcoming Professional Learning at SVRC

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NDIS – The National Disability Insurance Scheme

The NDIS represents a landmark change in disability funding within Australia. It presents the opportunity for you to ensure that your child’s support needs are more fully funded with greater self-determination and choice. Its aim is to ensure that people with disabilities receive the necessary and essential funding to provide services to meet their specific needs, access to adaptive equipment, and increased participation in the wider community. It may also present parents and carers with increased support. The intention of the scheme is to address perceived gaps in disability funding and ensure that funds are directed where they are most needed.


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Learn More with SVRC Tutorials!

Our tutorials and quick guides are here to help you learn and expand on your knowledge of assistive  technology. 

Tutorials and Quick Guides

Recent Videos


Review: Talking Typer for iOS

APH have released an iOS version of the Talking Typer app. It’s fully VoiceOver accessible. Check out our review here:

Victor Reader Stream Tutorial 1: An Overview

Garry Stinchcombe takes a look at the Victor Reader Stream.

Victor Reader Stream Tutorial 2: Physical Orientation

Garry takes us on a tour of the physical orientation of the Victor Reader Stream. He looks at the various ports and buttons and shows how to change the battery.

Victor Reader Stream Tutorial 3: Orientation to the Keypad

In this video, SVRC’s Garry Stinchcombe guides us on a tour of the Victor Reader Stream’s keypad.

Victor Reader Stream Tutorial 4: Power, Pitch, Speed and Volume

In this video, Garry goes through the powering on and off, as well as adjusting the speed, pitch and volume settings on the Victor Reader Stream New Generation.

Victor Reader Stream Tutorial 5: The Bookshelf

The bookshelf is how you navigate through the content on your Victor Reader Stream New Generation. In this tutorial – Garry shows you how.