Equipment Boost for Schools

Applications are now open for Victorian government schools to apply for specialised equipment and assistive technologies from SVRC’s Blind and Low Vision Technology Library.

For more information, go to our Blind and Low Vision Technology Library page.

Education Support for Students with Low Vision

Our next PD is coming up in August - if you teach or support a student with low vision - registrations are now open.

Find out more here.

VoiceOver Basics for iPad Users

SVRC is conducting 5 one hour training sessions online to show you the basics of VoiceOver and the iPad. They’re free and you can attend one, some or all sessions!

Find out more and register here.

Calculator Workshop for Staff/Parents of Students who are Blind / Vision Imapired

Two sessions, it’s free, come along on 21 August.

Find out more and register online now – here. 

Ozzie Dots – New Books

We asked you how we could improve Ozzie Dots and we have listened to the suggestions that we received.

It is early days but staff at SVRC are in the throes of updating Ozzie Dots books! The 3rd edition will contain more choices of books per contraction(s), less unlearned contractions per book and (drum roll) – there may even be a few books of activities, games and puzzles thrown in!

Annoyingly it is rather a slow process that involves many staff as follows:

  1. write new books
  2. seek feedback and make the required edits
  3. illustrate new books
  4. seek feedback and make the required edits
  5. make sure the print copy matches the braille copy

We are very fortunate to have the very generous and continued significant input from braille enthusiast, Dr Gillian Gale AM, our Dot Power co-author.

The new books for the very first Ozzie Dots contraction, like(Set 1a books 1-11), are now available for braille readers who are starting out with contracted braille. The old books are still there and so is the humour, rhyme, Ozzie Dots family, opportunities for concept development and of course lots of excellent tactile diagrams. We have incorporated “do-braille” which is a favourite from the Dot Power Program along with braille re-reading activities. If you’d like to listen to “do-braille” in action, visit Braille Reading – Speed and Fluency.

There are now 11 titles in the Set 1a (like) collection including:

  1. I like my pets
  2. I like Slob. I like Annabel.
  3. I like fruit
  4. I like to bake
  5. I like pizza
  6. I like grass
  7. I like to draw
  8. I like to skate
  9. I like to make a mess
  10. Jo says (from the 2nd edition which includes unlearned contractions)
  11. Annabel my cat (from the 2nd edition which includes unlearned contractions)

We do not expect that students will need to read all 11 books from Set 1a to become braille-readers of like(the letter “l” by itself). Instead, Visiting Teachers can read the text (print or braille) of each book and select 2-3 titles for their beginning braille reader.

Once we are happy with like, we’ll make a start on can. But in the meantime, if you have feedback about any of the books in the Ozzie Dots collection, please email the Statewide Vision Resource Centre:

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Audio Described Circus Oz Performance of Precarious: Saturday 7 July

For more information about the show visit Circus Oz. Tactile tour from 5.30pm. Tickets from $35 to $50. Book via the Ticketek accessible seating hotline on 1300 665 915.

Feelix Library Membership for VTs, Teachers and School Librarians

Update from Toni Chilton, Feelix Library Liaison & Access … with correct email address!!!

 Visiting Teachers, Classroom Teachers and School Librarians can become members of the Vision Australia Feelix Library to borrow story kits to use with students who are blind or who have low vision?Each kit contains a print picture story book with clear braille overlay, (contracted and uncontracted version), a CD, small tactile handbook and materials to enhance the enjoyment and engagement of the blind/low vision student.

Membership and postage is free. For further information contact FeelixLibrary@visionaustralia.orgor phone 9864 9545 (Toni) or 9864 9546 (Louise).

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