Education Support for Students with Low Vision

Yes its on again – August 9 is the day you can come to the SVRC and learn about support for students with low vision. Strategies, psychology, information and expertise from experienced educators – register online now!

Price Qty*
Onsite Participant $66.00 (AUD)  
Onsite Participant (Family / VT Discount) $22.00 (AUD)  
Online (via Adobe Connect) $66.00 (AUD)  

VoiceOver Help – Gesture Practice on an iOS Device

Here’s a handy way to practice or learn VoiceOver gestures on your iOS device.

Ensure that VoiceOver is turned on then double tap with four fingers. This starts VoiceOver Help. Then practice gestures on the screen. Every time you perform a gesture, VoiceOver tells you what gesture you just did and what it does.

To exit VoiceOver Help – just double tap again with four fingers, or perform the scrub gesture (it is sort of like a Z action with two fingers. Or if you have an external keyboard connected, just press ESCAPE. 

Check out our Tutorials pages for more!

Tutorial: Using the Control Centre in iOS with VoiceOver

Here’s a quick tutorial on using the Control Centre on an iPhone or iPad with VoiceOver.

Image: Primary-aged student with hands on a braille book.

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Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts – The Basics


Moving between open apps – COMMAND+TAB
Moving between windows within an app – COMMAND+TILDA (`)
Hide or minimise an app – COMMAND+H
Hide Others (Hides other apps) – COMMAND+OPTION+H
Close an app window – COMMAND+W
Quit an app – COMMAND+Q


Open a new browser window – COMMAND+N
Close a browser window or tab – COMMAND+W
Create a new tab in a browser window – COMMAND+T
Move between browser tabs – CTRL+TAB
Move to the top of a webpage – HOME
Move to the end of a browser window – END


Create a new document – COMMAND+N
Open a document – COMMAND+O
Close a document – COMMAND+W
Save a document – COMMAND+S
Print a document – COMMAND+P
Move to the start of a line – COMMAND+LEFT ARROW
Move to the end of a line – COMMAND+RIGHT ARROW
Move word by word – OPTION LEFT or RIGHT ARROW
Delete an entire line – COMMAND+BACKSPACE
Delete word by word – OPTION+BACKSPACE
Show fonts – COMMAND+T


Invert Colours – COMMAND+OPTION+CTRL+8
Zoom on / off – COMMAND+OPTION+8
Increase magnification – COMMAND+PLUS
Decrease magnification – COMMAND+MINUS
Turn VoiceOver on / off – COMMAND+F5
Display Accessibility options dialogue box – COMMAND+OPTION+F5

You may need to go to the Apple menu then System Preferences then Accessibility to turn certain keyboard shortcuts on if they don’t work.

Accessibility in iOS – An Overview

This short video was made for the recent Round Table conference. It’s an overview of accessibility options in iOS

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  • Webinar: Basics of NVDA
    • Basics of NVDA
      July 26, 2016
      10:00 am - 11:00 am

    In this online free one-hour tutorial - learn the basics of the free screen reader NVDA. We'll cover: Basics of NVDA and Windows Using NVDA…

  • Skill Power - 2 August 2016
    • iPad for Education
      August 2, 2016
      9:30 am - 11:00 am
    • Prodigi - Connect & 12 - Tony Wu (HumanWare)
      August 2, 2016
      9:30 am - 11:00 am

    Learn about iOS 9.3 in Education on the iPad - what it is, how it works and who its aimed at. Tony Wu also pops…

  • Education Support for Students with Low Vision
    • Full Day
      August 9, 2016
      8:30 am - 3:30 pm

    Education Support for Students with Low Vision is all about learning about vision impairments, what its like, strategies for supporting students who have low vision…

  • Skill Power - 17 August 2016
    • Braille Students in Classroom/Instrumental Music - Lea Nagel
      August 17, 2016
      9:30 am - 11:00 am
    • PowerPoint with JAWS - Lea Nagel
      August 17, 2016
      11:30 am - 1:00 pm

    in this Skill Power Workshop, learn about including braille reading students in classroom and instrumental music plus we also have an intro to using PowerPoint…